Conor McGregor says Max Holloway is ‘light work,’ Hawaiian issues fiery response about his walkout song for their potential fight

Conor McGregor, Max Holloway

Conor McGregor has claimed Max Holloway would be light work if they were to rematch.

McGregor and Holloway first fought back in 2013 at featherweight where the Irishman won a three-round decision. It was McGregor’s second UFC fight while it was Holloway’s sixth and dropped him to 3-3. After that loss, however, the Hawaiian went on a 13-fight winning streak including winning and defending the featherweight belt.

Although McGregor and Holloway are in different weight classes, the two have taken shots at one another and they have both talked about fighting one another. Now, ahead of Holloway’s main event scrap at UFC Vegas 42 this weekend, he was promoting his merch while McGregor took a shot at him saying he’s light work.

“Light work,” McGregor wrote.

Max Holloway then saw the tweet and issued a fiery response back to him. He said for his walkout for their fight he will walk out to a song by DJ Francesco. Of course, that is the DJ the Irishman allegedly punched recently.

The trash talk didn’t stop there as Holloway took a shot at McGregor saying he needs more whiskey which he didn’t take kindly too.

“he needs more whiskey,” Holloway said. McGregor then responded with: “I said play f*****g “maniac” by mark mcabe you skinny streak of piss!”

At this point, it does seem likely Conor McGregor and Max Holloway will eventually fight one another. Just this week the Hawaiian said he’s always on a shortlist to face the Irishman. McGregor, meanwhile, said back in January he would happily rematch Holloway.

“I would happily rematch Max, and after a performance like that, he’s put himself right up there. He’s a tall lad,” McGregor said back in January to The Mac Life. “He’s taller than me, so he could build up. He’s only fought at 155 once. It was against Dustin. He was a bit outpowered, but he could certainly do it. Against other lightweights? You never know. But the rematch would be 155, for sure.”

Whether or not the two will actually fight one another is uncertain. Holloway is set to fight Yair Rodriguez this weekend and should he win, he’ll likely face Alexander Volkanovski for the belt next. McGregor, meanwhile, is still rehabbing his broken leg.

Would you like to see Conor McGregor vs. Max Holloway 2?

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