Conor McGregor claps back at Jorge Masvidal following accusations of cocaine use and ducking fights: “Me and your mom get along”

By Cole Shelton - June 28, 2022

Conor McGregor has fired back at Jorge Masvidal for his recent comments.

Conor McGregor, Dana White

Masvidal has been vocal in taking shots at McGregor as he hopes that will lead to them fighting. The Irishman is getting close to returning and may return at welterweight given the size he has added on during the time off, which is why Masvidal is interested in the bout, but he claims McGregor doesn’t want it.

“No, Conor doesn’t want the fight,” Masvidal told MMA Fighting about McGregor. “If he did he’d post something, he’d say something. He’d probably just insult my mom or some relative of mine or my nation where I come from. He’ll say something like that but he won’t say anything about a fight or a fight date. So the Conor thing, he just wants it ‘I hope it goes away’ because he really doesn’t want to fight. He doesn’t mention [me] or say anything.

“Money doesn’t entertain him no more, make him want to get out of his bed. I think the only thing that makes him want to get out of bed is cocaine. That’s OK, every man has a free will. You do whatever you want,” Masvidal continued about McGregor. “But don’t say you’re a fighter and don’t take cheap shots at me, especially the things that he’s been saying, talking about my legal problems and this and that. You’re a f*cking p*ssy. We could do it man to man in the cage and just once and for all and get paid a handsome reward while doing it.”

After Jorge Masvidal’s comments, Conor McGregor took to social media to blast ‘Gamebred’ and even made a comment about his mom which Masvidal expected.

“Insult your mom? What a loser you are mate. Me and your mom get along,” McGregor said about Masvidal.

There’s no question there is a rivalry between McGregor and Masvidal and if the two do end up fighting it would be a massive contest. Whether or not it happens, however, is to be seen.

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