City council members seek to remove Tito Ortiz for lack of “honor and dignity”

By Tom Taylor - January 28, 2021

Several Huntington Beach City Council members are seeking to remove former UFC champ Tito Ortiz from his position as Mayor Pro Tem of the city.

Tito Ortiz

Ortiz was elected onto Huntington Beach City Council last year, and was subsequently selected to serve as the city’s Mayor Pro Tem. Regrettably, his time in office has been marred by a long list of serious blunders and embarrassments.

The numerous mistakes Ortiz has made have resulted in several of his fellow council members attempting to have him removed from his position via a vote of no confidence.

RJ Clifford has the details:

“On December 7th, Council Member Tito Ortiz was selected unanimously by his fellow council members to serve in a leadership role as Mayor Pro Tem for the City of Huntington Beach,” a letter addressed to the Mayor and City Council read. “Unfortunately, Mr. Ortiz has failed to perform at the level expected for this position and has demonstrated little commitment to serving in the role with honor and dignity. His unprofessional demeanor and poor judgement have raised concerns among residents, local business owners, and his fellow council members. The Huntington Beach community expects local elected officials to take their governing responsibilities seriously and we whole heartedly agree.”

It’s later requested that City Council considers the following:

  • Issue a City Council vote of no confidence in Mr. Ortiz as Mayor Pro Tem.
  • Remove Mr. Ortiz from his current leadership role as Mayor Pro Tem, and identify another member of the City Council to serve in that position.

Suffice it to say that Ortiz’s time as a politician could be very short-lived.

As a pro fighter, Tito Ortiz carved out a 21-12 pro record in the UFC, Bellator, Combate Americas, and other organizations. He won his last three fights, defeating Chael Sonnen, Chuck Liddell, and Alberto Del Rio, all by way of stoppage. Despite his duties as Huntington Beach Mayor Pro Tem, he recently revealed that he intends to fight again.

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