Chuck Liddell tells hilarious story about punching nightclub DJ in the body

Chuck Liddell

UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell told a hilarious story about punching a nightclub DJ in the body after he requested to get hit.

Liddell, one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time, recently spoke to’s Damon Martin and told a story about being in Kentucky in 2009 for the derby. “The Iceman” was out at a nightclub when the DJ asked him to punch him in the body. Here’s how Liddell told the story in a way that only a true legend of the game can tell it.

“We’re out there for the Kentucky Derby and I was out one night at the club. This DJ comes up to me and goes, ‘I’ve been training, I think I can take a body shot from you.’ I’m like no you’re not, I’ve been drinking and I don’t want to hit you. We talked for a minute and he’s like, ‘Can I at least announce you’re at the club, get up on stage with me?’ And I said sure. So he gets on stage and announces to the club that ‘I can take a body shot from Chuck Liddell, and Chuck Liddell is here and I’m going to take a body shot from him,” Liddell said.

“Is he really going to do this? I mean if we were at a party, I used to hit people every now and again if they bugged me long enough to hit them. I’d tap them, not real hard but just enough to hurt them a little bit. Like a body shot just enough so they know they got hit. Not enough to drop them but I’m giving them a liver shot. But now he’s putting me on blast in front of everybody saying I can’t knock him down with a body shot. Now I’ve got to hit him with the kitchen sink. I’m going to hit him with everything. So I hit him with the hardest shot I could and he goes down to his knees and he’s (moaning) for quite a while.”

Would you take a punch to the body from Chuck Liddell?

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