Chael Sonnen sounds off on the state of the UFC heavyweight division: “This is possibly the dumbest group”

Chael Sonnen, UFC, heavyweight division
Chael Sonnen on YouTube

Chael Sonnen has sounded off on the UFC heavyweight division suggesting there’s not a single fighter with the sense that god gave geese.

The former three-time UFC title challenger, Sonnen (31-17-1 MMA), shared the following sentiments on his YouTube channel:

“Alright guys let’s get over to I want you to know this is in real time. Alright we’ve got Johnny Walker at the top of the page. (Gilbert) Burns is right under that. The level change podcast. Bobby Green gets called up to the main event. Michael Bisping weighed in on Adesanya. Some weigh-in videos… Masvidal… Chael Sonnen with Joe Rogan. I bet that’s an interesting piece. Mike Perry… You know what we don’t have guys. I mean I can play this game all day. We don’t have a single heavyweight with the sense that god gave geese. You would be better off having the mind of a flock of geese than any heavyweight within this sport.”

Chael Sonnen explained his remarks:

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“There is no division that has more opportunity (than heavyweight) because there is no division that has two people that are going to fight for a belt. Every other division will have a champion who is already set against an opponent. Heavyweight gets two. Heavyweight is probably going to end up with four. I suspect we are going into the interim (title) business but then we are going to go into the undisputed business. But then we are going to take that title belt off somebody, make it the interim… There’s a lot of opportunity guys. There is no opportunity in this sport like there is at heavyweight. Now you’ve got the usual suspects. But you’ve got a whole bunch of dumb dumbs. All just… I couldn’t care what happens to them. I mean really, if they don’t care about their careers, how can I come in a and give a damn? Guy says I don’t care who I fight next. Good, well you don’t care… We don’t care either. It’s one of those things. You then have the usual suspects that we all want to see fight and there is really only one match. We want to see Stipe (Miocic) versus Jon Jones. We want to see that for a number of different reasons. It brings Jon back, we think Stipe is a hard match, we’re doing the whole Jon Jones experiment (at heavyweight). There’s a whole new group of guys who we think maybe can beat him. Stipe has the wrestling as well as the hands. It’s probably the best we’re going to get. So we’re discussing the match. Stipe commented on it, one time. Jon commented through something that gets called Twitter and has 160 characters or less, one time. Every other heavyweight is just standing back.”

Jon Jones, Stipe Miocic, Daniel Cormier

Chael Sonnen concluded:

“Now if they were in here as a group. This is probably the dumbest group anyone has ever seen. And I wouldn’t give anybody in the MMA community credit with being a thinker, but this is possibly the dumbest group. I believe if we had them in here and asked why aren’t you calling this person out or why aren’t you throwing your hat in the ring? Why are none of you taking credit for Ngannou being done? Let’s just start with, can you imagine if I was in the division? Could you imagine if the champion stepped down before he fought me? Do you imagine the bull horn that I would be on? I’d have called Jim Rome. I’d have called in favors with (Dan) Le Batard. I’d have called in favors at ESPN. I would do whatever it took to make sure the world knew that the guy who is taking his ball and going home is doing so because Dana (White) was about to put him against ME! He doesn’t have a fight with (Tyson) Fury. He doesn’t have a license to box. He’s avoiding ME. And I would have told my story, and I never would have stopped being the bully in the room because Francis countering that is counterintuitive to what Francis is doing now to negotiate. It’s a very clear rule in politics. If somebody hits you, you must hit back. If you don’t, it will be perceived as though my claims are true. So I would have free reign to run all over the most terrifying man in the sport. Not one of these heavyweights has done that.”

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Do you agree with Chael Sonnen that fighters in the UFC heavyweight division have dropped the ball like a “bunch of dummies” in the wake of Francis Ngannou’s contract dispute?

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