Chael Sonnen believes Jon Jones is embracing being a “scumbag”

Chael Sonnen, Jon Jones

Former UFC title challenger Chael Sonnen has gone in hard on his former opponent Jon Jones following his recent arrest, labeling him a “scumbag”.

Sonnen has never exactly been one to bite his tongue, and in the midst of the current pandemic, many bored fight fans will be relieved to see “The Bad Guy” doing what he does best: going after controversial UFC stars.

During a recent interview with Submission Radio, Sonnen had the following to say regarding Jones’ recent feud with Israel Adesanya and his recent arrest.

“The mask is off,” Sonnen said of Jones. “The world has known he’s a scumbag for a while, but now he’s finally in touch with just what a dirty guy he is, and he’s steering into it. Look, from a liveability and a civility standpoint, okay, go ahead and question Jon Jones’ character. I’m speaking about from a marketing and promotional standpoint — he’s doing everything right. The gig is up. Everybody knows. You were on TMZ in handcuffs crying about “I wanna go home and be with my kids”. It’s like, dude, it’s two in the morning, you’re firing guns whilst running donuts in a parking lot, high and drunk on tequila. Are your kids even still up, you bum?”

Sonnen challenged Jones for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship back at UFC 159, losing in the first round.

Sonnen continues to pump out content for the fans, and given the trajectory that Jones has been on when it comes to replying to his opponents as of late, it’s not hard to picture a scenario in which “Bones” replies sooner rather than later.

What do you think of this scathing remark from Chael Sonnen? Do you think he will end up getting a response from Jon Jones?

This article first appeared on on 4/22/2020.

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