Benson Henderson slams UFC over BMF belt

Benson Henderson, Myles Jury

Former UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson is not happy that his former promotion has introduced a “made up” BMF belt.

Dana White recently announced that ‘The Rock’ will award the winner of November’s UFC 244 main event between Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal with the promotions new BMF belt.

While some fight fans like the idea of a BMF title, many others think it is a foolish idea that ultimately resembles something out of professional wrestling.

In the opinion of Benson Henderson, the UFC’s decision to introduce a new BMF belt is just another promotional tactic, as he told MMAFighting:

”Well they (UFC) can put the million of dollars behind promotion, that’s what their job is. They are a promotion company, so their job is to promote things and say ‘This is a huge fight, this is a high fight!’. When in reality, it doesn’t really mean anything. There is no title on the line.”

Benson Henderson continued:

”Sorry, there is a made up title on the line. I forgot about that. Someone just told me that like five minutes ago. There’s actually a BMF belt on the line. That’s hilarious. That’s awesome for those guys (Nate and Jorge) but it’s hilarious.”


Jorge Masvidal, Nate Diaz, Dana White
Image via @UFC on Twitter

”Bendo” actually holds wins over both men competing for the BMF belt in the UFC 244 main event.

Henderson defeated Nate Diaz at UFC on Fox 5 in December of 2012 to retain his lightweight championship.

Benson would later go on to defeat Jorge Masvidal via split decision in a welterweight contest in November of 2015.

Benson Henderson will return to the cage at this weekend’s Bellator 227 event where he will take on fellow UFC veteran Myles Jury.

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This article first appeared appeared on September 25, 2019

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