Anthony “Rumble” Johnson blasts the MMA media: ‘Nobody did a fact check’

Former UFC light heavyweight star Anthony “Rumble” Johnson blasted the MMA media for reporting that a warrant was issued for his arrest.

On Monday, BloodyElbow reported that a warrant had been recently issued for Johnson after he failed to show up for an appointment stemming from a recent domestic violence incident.

According to Johnson, that report is not accurate and he slammed the MMA media for reporting on the story when he says they don’t have all the facts.

“Everyone, I’m okay, nothing is going on,” Johnson wrote on Instagram (h/t “Media as usual don’t know the facts and what’s true. Nobody did a fact check they just started writing just to get hits. One day someone in the media is gonna regret not putting the facts and yapping just to yap just cuz they read something. Then y’all media clowns are gonna run with your tail between your legs. Watch.”

Johnson starred in the UFC from 2007 to 2012 as a welterweight and middleweight and again from 2014 to 2017 as a light heavyweight. “Rumble” has recently expressed interest in returning to the Octagon, this time as a heavyweight. However, the news of what has been going on with him outside the Octagon has dwarfed the rumors of his return.

Since he is technically retired, the UFC has not yet released a statement about the recent warrant issued for him and they are not expected to. This is the first comment Johnson himself has made about the incident since it happened.

Should Johnson return to the Octagon, he is expected to make the move to heavyweight and would immediately become a top contender in the UFC’s heaviest weight class. But first, before he returns, he’ll have to take care of everything that is going on for himself outside of the Octagon in his personal life.

What do you think about Anthony Johnson’s criticism of the media?

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