Anderson Silva wants to box Georges St-Pierre but believes ‘almighty’ Dana White won’t allow it

Anderson Silva
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Anderson Silva wants to box Georges St-Pierre but doesn’t think Dana White will allow it.

Since being released by the UFC, Silva has turned to boxing and beat Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in June. He will now face Tito Ortiz on Saturday on Triller Fight Club, but one name he wants to box Georges St-Pierre, yet he doubts that happens.

“It’s a possibility,” Silva said on MMAFighting’s Trocação Franca. “Georges St-Pierre is a guy that deserves all respect. Not only him, but all fighters. Vitor [Belfort], Tito [Ortiz], [Oscar] De La Hoya — they are legends. And I think it would be an interesting fight, but we need the almighty to stop being annoying and let the guy move on.”

Why Anderson Silva believes Dana White won’t allow St-Pierre to box him is the fact White blocked the Canadian from boxing Oscar De La Hoya. For Silva, he believes it’s ridiculous that White won’t allow GSP out of his contract.

“Nothing coming from Dana surprises me, brother,” Silva said. “I would like [White] to free him [from his contract]. He’s in shape to continue fighting, there’s no reason why you would keep him stuck [there] just for ego. It’s ridiculous. That’s my opinion, it’s ridiculous. Let the guy go.

“He doesn’t want to fight MMA anymore and there’s a possibility he fights two, three, four, five more years in boxing, doing the new normal,” Silva continued. “He won’t fight a young guy, he’ll fight a De La Hoya, he’ll fight someone that gives him conditions to perform well. But you’ll hold him to a contract after everything he’s done for your company? Doing something like that is ridiculous. It’s ridiculous. You don’t need that.”

If Silva does end up being allowed to box St-Pierre it would be a massive fight as many wanted to see them fight each other when they were champions.

Would you like to see Anderson Silva box Georges St-Pierre?

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