Accuser of Jon Jones speaks out: ‘This person gets away with everything’

Jon Jones

A new video has been released showing the woman accusing Jon Jones of battery speaking with police, detailing the incident and explaining her hesitation about pressing charges.

The woman, who wished to have her identity protected, told officers that she was afraid to report the alleged incident that took place at a strip club in April because she felt everyone wanted to protect the UFC light heavyweight champion.

The video was released by Albuquerque television station KRQE.

“This whole situation is so complicated. I don’t even know what to say,” the woman told police. “This person gets away with f**king everything.”

The alleged incident took place in April at a strip club, TD’s Eubank Showclub in Albuquerque. The woman detailed what allegedly happened that night in April with Jones to police in the video.

“Jon like put his arm around here or something, pretty tight, and I was like, oh you’re going to put me in a chokehold,” the woman explained. “I got out of the thing, and as soon as I did that, he just like picked me up and you know, flipped me over whatever, and just started roughhousing with me. The issue is that when he put me back down over by the bar, he like smacked my p***y.

“At one point he had me sit on his lap and stuff, and then he pulled me on his lap. When I was sitting on his lap, he started kissing on my neck and all this s**t and they’re not supposed to do that.”

Later in the video, police officers explained to the woman that the UFC light heavyweight champion could be charged with battery. Considering Jones’ checkered past, along with his celebrity status, she was hesitant.

“So, you don’t know if you, as of right now, if you want to press charges or not because you feel like he’s quote, unquote ‘untouchable,'” an officer asked the woman.

“It’s f**king Jon Jones, what am I supposed to say about that,” she replied.

“A crime is a crime regardless. Doesn’t give him the right just because he’s a celebrity,” the officer told the alleged victim.

Jon Jones is targeting a return to the Octagon at the end of the year, or maybe even a little sooner, as “Bones” teased he would like to return in November at Madison Square Garden.

According to the report by KRQE, Jones will have a bench trial scheduled for next month in Albuquerque.

This article first appeared on BJPENN.COM on 8/19/2019.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM