UFC 199 Results: Luiz Henrique da Silva defeats Jonathan Wilson via TKO

Undfeated light heavyweights Luiz Henrique da Silva (11-0 MMA) and Jonathan Wilson (7-1 MMA) squared off in the third bout of tonight’s UFC 199 event in Los Angeles.

Round one begins and Wilson lands a good combo that includes a nice kick to the body. Excellent body shots from Jonathan. Wilson with a leg kick. da Silva fires back with one of his own. Nice knee from the inside by da Silva. Jonathan with a good left hand. Good kick to the body lands for da Silva. He follows up with a good knee inside. Wilson with a nice combination. Luiz fires back with a leg kick. The fighters clinch and da Silva lands a couple of good knees. A big uppercut lands for Luiz. Wilson lands a nice elbow over the top. Jonathan with a left hand. Luiz presses forward with a kick to the body. He lands a couple of chopping leg kicks. Wilson with an elbow and then a right. Luiz charges forward with strikes. He clinches Jonathan and lands a knee. More punches from da Silva. Wilson fires back with a big left hook. Luiz lands another nice knee inside. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Wilson presses Luiz against the fence. da Silva with some nice knees inside. Wilson goes to the ground but da Silva tells him to stand back up. A nice combo lands for Wilson. Luiz fires back with a huge uppercut. Jonathan looks hurt. Luiz is all over him with pressure. Jonathan ducks under and lands a takedown. Luiz gets back to his feet quickly. Both fighters land big shots. Huge right from Wilson, he follows up with a left hand that drops da Silva. He follows Luiz to the floor and lands some big shots from the top. Luiz tries a sweep. It doesn’t work. He tries again and lands it and is now in full mount. Big shots from the top by da Silva. He is picking Wilson apart from mount. Jonathan gives up his back. More shots from the top by da Silva. The referee finally steps in and stops the bout.

Luiz Henrique da Silva defeats Jonathan Wilson via TKO at 4:11 of round two

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