UFC Phoenix Results: Joe Lauzon defeats Marcin Heldre

By Tom Taylor - January 15, 2017

UFC Phoenix Results: Joe Lauzon vs. Marcin Held 

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The co-main event of UFC Phoenix was a compelling clash of lightweight grapplers, as fan favorite veteran Joe Lauzon took on former Bellator title challenger Marcin Held.

Round One: Round one begins and the two lightweights touch gloves. Held pumps with the jab and lands an inside leg kick. Lauzon wades in and eats an uppercut. Lauzon measures with a double jab. Held lands a left off his back foot. Lauzon is pushing forward. He lands a nice right, but Held circles into position for a takedown attempt. Lauzon makes him pay with an onslaught of elbows. Somewhere out there, Josh Barnett is shuddering, recalling his knockout loss to Travis Browne. Held is hurt, and barely escapes his failed takedown attempt. They return to the feet, and Held is back to work on the feet, working the jab. Lauzon gets the body lock, and threatens with the takedown. Held turns him around, and smashes with the knee. Held gets a takedown. He’s taking his time from Lauzon’s guard. He works to pass guard, and winds up in side control. Lauzon tries a hip bump but Held won’t let him breath. Lauzon wall walks and returns to his feet, but Held once again ties him up the fence. The Bellator vet is looking like the stronger man in the cage. Lauzon escapes, and blocks a Held right hand. Held pumps a jab. Lauzon closes distance with a right hand. He gets an under hook, but once again, Held turns him into the fence. He whiffs a knee, but stumbles to the canvas as he does.

Round two: Held kicks things off with more pressure, and a surprising wheel kick. They trade punches. Held works fakes with a jab, blasts in on the takedown, and after a quick scramble, Held winds up on top. He takes Lauzon’s back against the cage. Lauzon is trying to escape, but he’s having a tough time. Finally he escapes, and dives into position for a double leg. He locks up his hands and gets it. Held is quickly back to his feet, and misses with an elbow. Then they’re chest-to-chest again, and Held is in control. Lauzon turns him around, and Held lands a knee. They separate, and Held blasts in with a beautifully timed double-leg. He seems content to rest in Lauzon’s open guard. Lauzon tries to control posture, then threatens with an armbar. He could have it. Held stays calm and escapes. He dives  back into Lauzon’s guard. He thumps him with a pair of elbows. He is picking his shots, but most of those shots are landing. Another great round for the Pole.

Round three: Round three is on, and they circle. Held looks loose on the feet. Lauzon is moving forward patiently. He whiffs a right, then a left. Held throws a 1-2 and circles away. Lauzon continues to press forward, but seems hesitant to engage. Held’s takedowns have changed the complexion of this fight. Held throws a jab. Lauzon wades in with a one two, ties up, and once again, Held reverses position. Lauzon escapes, and works his way back to the center. They tie up, and Held gets another double leg. Referee Herb Dean takes this opportunity to replace Held’s ejected mouth piece. Held allows Lauzon back to the feet. Held lands a right. Lauzon pushes forward and lands a big right. Held fires back with a jab. Lauzon is pushing forward and ties up. After a battle for position, Lauzon gets a brief takedown but Held pops back up. Once again, the Pole is in control. He stays busy with some knees, then backs off. They trade jabs. Lauzon plows in with a right. Held shrugs it off and blasts back in with another double leg. It’s his fifth successful takedown on six attempts. Held stands up, and slips into a position that even Daniel Cormier and Jon Anik can’t name. The final horn sounds, and it looks like a pretty clear-cut win for Held.

UFC Phoenix Results: Joe Lauzon defeats Marcin Held by split decision.

“I disagree 100%,” Lauzon said of his decision win, moments after it was announced.

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