UFC on FOX 23 Results: Valentina Shevchenko submits Julianna Pena

By Chris Taylor - January 28, 2017

A women’s bantamweight number on contender fight between Valentina Shevchenko and Julianna Pena served as the main event of tonight’s UFC on FOX 23 fight card in Denver, Colorado.

Valentina Shevchenko

Round one begins and after a brief feeling out process Julianna charges forward and press Shevchenko against the cage. Valentina tries to reverse the position but Pena is not having it. The ladies tussle for position but it is Valentina who is able to score a trip and wind up in sider control position from the top. Pena is able to scramble and get back to her feet. She presses Shevchenko against the cage and works some hard knees to the body inside. More knees from Pena but Valentina catches one and is abler to score a trip takedown. She is working from side control once again. She lands some good hammer fists. Pena works her way back to full guard. The women battle for position but it is Shevchenko who maintains top control. Both fighters are landing some short shots here. Valentina postures up and drop down a right hand. Pena grabs an arm and searches for an armbar submission. Valentina defends and round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Pena presses forward and grabs the clinch. She tries to drag Valentina to the floor but Shevchenko isn’t having it. Julianna presses her against the cage and works some knees. Both women are landing knees from the position but Pena is throwing more often. They jockey for position and Pena shoots down and attempts a takedown. She gets Valentina to put a hand on the canvas but Shevchenko bounces right back to her feet. Pena against is searching for the takedown and this time she gets it. She begins working from full guard. Two minutes remain. Shevchenko locks up one of Pena’s arms. She tries to adjust for a triangle but it is not there. Pena pull free and begins working some short shots from the top. Velentina switches to an armbar and she has it deep. Pena is forced to tapout! Amazing finish!

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