TUF 23 Finale Results: Doo Ho Choi KO’s Thiago Tavares

By Chris Taylor - July 8, 2016

A featherweight bout between Doo Ho Choi (14-1 MMA) and Thiago Tavares (20-7-1 MMA) took place on tonight’s TUF 23 Finale main card in Las Vegas.

Doo Ho-Choi

Round one begins and Choi rushes out and takes the center of the octagon. Tavares shoots in for a takedown attempt and eventually gets it. Choi pops back up to his feet but Thiago drags him back down. Tavares is trying to get Choi away from the fence. The Korean fighter is not having it. Choi stands back up and the fighters clinch against the fence. Thiago lands a trip and they are back on the ground. Once again Choi stands up but Thiago has him pressed against the cage. The fighters break and Choi lands a jab he follows up with a right hand that drops Tavares. He follows up with another shot and Thiago is out cold.

Doo Ho Choi defeats Thiago Tavares via KO at 2:42 of round one


TUF 23 Finale Results