UFC on FOX 18 Results: Damon Jackson vs. Levan Makashvili ends in a majority draw

The second bout of UFC on FOX 18 featured a featherweight battle between Damon Jackson (9-1-1 MMA) and Levan Makashvili (7-2-1 MMA).

Jackson comes out swinging to begin round one. He just misses hitting Levan with a head kick. Nice kick lands for Makashvili. He follows that up with a good right hand. The fighters battle in the clinch. Double under hooks for Jackson but Makashvili responds with some knees to the body. The referee steps in and we start over in the center of the octagon. Jackson throws a combo and immediately shoots in for the takedown. He doesn’t land it but uses the clinch position to land some good knees on Makashvili. The horn sounds to end round one.

Jackson is putting the pressure on Makashvili to begin round two. He lands a solid leg kick. Makashvili responds by landing two kicks of his own. Good left hook from Makashvili. Jackson shoots in for a takedown. Good uppercut by Jackson as the fighters break. Double jab lands from Jackson. Nice knee from Damon. Levan responds with some shots over the top. The fighters grind away in the clinch position. Finally the ref steps in and calls for a break. The fighters exchange strikes and round two is over.

Jackson comes out swinging to begin the final round. He presses Makashvili against the fence and they battle from the clinch. Takedown scores for Levan. Jackson immediately tries a guillotine choke. He doesn’t get it but uses the submission attempt to get back to his feet. Levan Makashvili shoots in for another takedown and gets it. Jackson scrambles to his feet but eats a knee to the head for his troubles. Jackson’s hand was on the ground so the knee was illegal. The fights is restarted and Makashvili immediately begins by poking Jackson in the eye. Another stoppage and the referee takes a point away from Levan. The fighters restart and Jackson starts off by just-missing a head kick. He lands follow up kick to the body. Levan Makashvili shoots in for a takedown but is unsuccessful.

Damon Jackson vs. Levan Makashvili ends in a majority draw (29-27, 28-28, 28-28)

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