UFC Boise Results: Sage Northcutt stops Zak Ottow in Round 2 (VIDEO)


A welterweight fight between Sage Northcutt and Zak Ottow served as the co-headliner of tonight’s UFC Boise event.

Sage Northcutt entered tonight’s contest riding a two fight win streak, this while sporting an overall record of 10-2 in mixed martial arts.

Meanwhile, Northcutt’s opponent Zak Ottow was last seen in action at March’s UFC 222 event where he retired veteran Mike Pyle with a nasty first-round TKO. Ottow entered tonight’s fight with a 16-5 record in MMA.

Round one begins and Ottow immediately moves in and lands a big shot and scores a takedown. He quickly passes to half guard and drops an elbow. Sage is able to scramble back to full guard but he is greeted with some hard body shots for his efforts. Ottow moves in to side control and then transitions to mount. Northcutt immediately scramble back to half guard but Ottow is just relentless. He begins landing some hard elbows and then rolls for a guillotine. Sage gets out of the submission attempt but remains on the bottom and in half guard. Northcutt rolls and locks up an armbar. Ottow breaks free and winds up in full guard. He lands a hammer fist and then another. Sage replies with some shots from off of his back. Ottow moves to side control and traps one of Northcutt’s arms. Sage battles to get his arm back and does. Ottow moves to full mount but Northcutt immediately scrambles back to his feet. Sage Northcutt lands a jab and then another. Ottow might be stunned. He shoots in for a takedown and Sage locks in a guillotine choke. Ottow escapes but Sage is in mount and dropping bombs. The horn sounds to end a wild round one.

Round two begins and Ottow immediately shoots in and takes Northcutt to the canvas. He doesn’t want this fight to take place on the feet that is clear. Northcutt attempts to wall-walk and get back to his feet. He does while eating some punches from Ottow. Northcutt breaks free and lands a jab. Ottow shoots in for a single leg takedown. Sage defends the shot but Ottow still has him in the clinch. Sage pushes him against the cage and begins working some knees. He switches to some punches aimed at the thigh of his opponent. Ottow responds with a knee to the body. Sage breaks free and lands a combination. Ottow is wobbled from that. Northcutt is all over him. Ottow drops for a takedown but Sage Northcutt just batters him with hammer fists and the referee steps in and calls the fight.

Check out the finish below:

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