UFC 221 Results: Jake Matthews defeats Li Jingliang

By Chris Taylor - February 10, 2018

UFC 221 Results: Jake Matthews defeats Li Jingliang

A welterweight scrap between Li Jingliang and Jake Matthews took place on tonight’s UFC 221 pay-per-view card from Perth, Australia.

Round one begins and the fighters engage in a long feeling out process. Jingliang finally throws a low kick that misses. Jake with a right hand over the top. He follows the up with a left. Another nice right hand causes Jingliang to stumble. He backs up and then circles along the fence. Jake lands a nice leg kick. Jingliang charges forward with a combination that misses. Jake counters him with a punch that sends him to the floor. Jake immediately moves to mount and begins raining down some hard ground and pound. Jingliang attempts to scramble but gives up his back in the process. Jake looks to lock in a rear-naked choke. Jingliang is defending well. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Matthews charges forward. Jingliang lands a nice uppercut. Matthews responds and locks in a guillotine. He drops down for the submission. Somehow Jingliang escapes the hold. He scrambles and gets back up to his feet. Matthews has a big cut over his eye. He is pouring blood. Jingliang charges forward with a combination. Matthews appears tired after that failed guillotine attempt. Jingliang catches him with a leg kick followed by a right hand. Matthews is talking to him now. He throws back a combination. Both men are exchanging now. Round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and cameras just showed that Jake’s cut came via a brutal eye gouge.

Matthews comes forward and meets Yi in the center of the octagon. They both throw big punches but nothing lands flush. Jingliang with a low kick. Jake fires off a right hand. Jingliang circles and then shoots in for the takedown. Jake denies the shot and then lands a punch. Jingliang throws a low kick and Jake counters with a big right hand that sends him to the floor. Jake jumps on top but Yi scrambles. After a few nice grappling transitions were back on the feet. Jake misses with a left hook. He leaps in with a flying knee. Yi counters him with a left. Jake shoots in and scores a takedown. The horn sounds to end round three.

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