UFC 219 Results: Marvin Vettori and Omari Akhmedov battle to a majority draw

By Chris Taylor - December 30, 2017

A middleweight scrap between Omari Akhmedov and Marvin Vettori took place during tonight’s UFC 219 prelims from Las Vegas.

Round one begins and Akhmedov lands a hard inside low kick to start. Marvin presses forward. He briefly switches his stances and then misses with a jab. Another low kick from Omari. Vettori replies with a hard body kick. Omari did not like that. Akhmedov presses forward and then misses with a wild right hand. Vettori with a nice knee followed by a right. Omari catches him with a counter left hook. That seems to have stunned the Italian who is now on the retreat. Omari with another big hook. He misses with a follow up uppercut. Vettori is backed up against the fence. He desperately shoots in for a takedown but it is not there. Marvin is finally able to circle out. He lands a low kick. Omari replies with a big right hook. Marvin side steps and then lands a knee. He follows that up with a nice jab. Omari charges forward and unleashes some uppercuts. He throws everything with full power. Omari shoots in for a takedown. Vettori is able to defend the shot. Akhmedov misses with a pair of right hands. Vettori lands an inside low kick. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Omari is able to land a big right hand followed by a low kick. Vettori attempts a knee but Omari closes the distance and lands a takedown. Vettori immediately transitions for an armbar submission. He quickly changes to a triangle choke and this is in deep. Omari keeps calm and continues to move. He ends up breaking free of the hold and stands back up. Vettori follows suit and we are back to standing. Marvin leaps in with a knee that misses. Vettori goes to the body with a kick. Marvin pushes Omari against the cage and works a knee. Akhmedov breaks free from the clinch and throws a low kick that misses the mark. One minute remains in round two. Marvin presses Omari back against the cage. After some clinch work both men agree to separate. Round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and Vettori comes forward quickly with a jab. Omari counters with a left hook. He misses with a leg kick and Vettori capitalizes with a huge combination that ends in a knee. More punches from the Italian now. He pushes Omari back up against the cage. Marvin with an elbow which allows Omari to break free from the clinch. That doesn’t last long as Vettori quickly pushes forward and forces the clinch. The fighters break and both men throw big punches. Nothing really lands cleanly for either fighter and Vettori opts to circle out. He comes forward with a left hand and then another. Omari backs up and Vettori catches him with a big punch. Omari appears stunned but still fires off a right hand of his own. Vettori continues to press forward and lands a knee. He takes Omari to the floor and begins working some solid ground and pound. The horn sounds to end round three.

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