VIDEO | Team Conor McGregor hit little girl in the head with energy drink, had to go to hospital

A war broke out between Team Nate Diaz and Team Conor McGregor at the UFC 202 press conference on Wednesday in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Various objects were thrown from across the room at the opposing sides and the press conference was ended early. A little boy was allegedly hit by a water bottle, Conor McGregor’s girlfriend was hit by a roll of tape, and Team Diaz’s Chris Avila said that a little girl had to go to the hospital after she was hit in the head by an energy drink can.

“What Conor [McGregor] did was wrong,” Avila said (at 1:37 of the video). “He shouldn’t have been throwing cans like that, and hit a little kid and all the people. We just threw water bottles. Should have kept it with the water bottles. I know my buddy’s little sister got hit in the head with a Monster can. They went to the hospital, so I haven’t heard back. But I know she’ll be alright, but, still she’s like, only twelve years old.”

UFC President Dana White said that both fighters are facing serious consequences from their actions at the press conference and has even stated that a lawsuit has been filed from the incident.

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