UFC Vegas 11 Results: Colby Covington TKO’s Tyron Woodley (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - September 19, 2020

Tonight’s UFC Vegas 11 event is headlined by a key welterweight battle as former division champion Tyron Woodley squares off with Colby Covington.

Colby Covington

Woodley (19-5-1 MMA) will enter tonight’s grudge match with Covington looking to rebound from a two-fight losing streak. In his most recent efforts, ‘The Chosen One’ has suffered unanimous decision losses to Kamaru Usman and Gilbert Burns respectively.

Meanwhile, Colby Covington (16 -2 MMA) was most previously seen in action at UFC 245 in December of 2019, where he suffered a TKO loss to reigning welterweight champ Kamaru Usman. Prior to his setback to ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’, the promotions former interim welterweight title holder in ‘Chaos’ was coming off a dominant decision win over Robbie Lawler at UFC Newark.

Round one of the UFC Vegas 11 main event begins and Tyron Woodley comes out quickly. Covington keeps him at bay with a right hand. He misses with a low kick and Woodley comes forward with a combination. Both men connect with good low kicks. Colby ducks a punch and shoots in and scores a takedown. He immediately begins working in the full guard of the former welterweight kingpin. Good punches from the top by Colby. Woodley is looking to wall-walk and does. He is back to his feet and Colby Covington greets him with a knee to the body. Woodley forces the break. Three minutes remain in the round. Covington looks for a high kick but misses. Tyron Woodley looks to explode but his punches fall short. Colby clips him with a left hand. ‘The Chosen One’ with a punch to the body but ‘Chaos’ returns fire with a kick to his mid-section. Colby closes the distance and lands a big right hand. He forces the clinch and begins working some knees to the thighs of Woodley. Covington with a big elbow and then another before Woodley is able to break free. Tyron is immediately swollen from those strikes. ‘Chaos’ forces the clinch and then lands another set of knees. Woodley breaks free but the horn sounds to end round one.

Round two of the UFC Vegas 11 main event begins and Tyron Woodley is looking to get off early. Colby Covington lands a nice leaping left hook. He goes high with a kick that partially connects. Woodley comes forward and partially lands a right hand. He follows that up with a low kick. Colby responds with a hard kick to the body. He forces the clinch and begins to work some knees to the thighs of ‘The Chosen One’. The former welterweight champion breaks free and unloads a combination to the body. Colby responds with a body kick and then once again forces the clinch. Tyron Woodley locks up a guillotine attempt. Covington is wise to it and breaks free. Colby with a nice left hand and then a right behind it. ‘T-Wood’ with a hard kick to the body. Colby continues to pressure. He throws a flurry but nothing connects clean. Tyron Woodley seems to be struggling finding his timing. Covington with a body kick. Woodley connects with a low kick. Colby with a big right hand. Woodley appears to be ok and waves Covington in. Round two comes to an end.

Round three of the UFC Vegas 11 headliner begins and Colby Covington attempts to come out quickly but an accidental eye poke puts a stop to the action. Woodley is given time to recover and takes it. We finally restart and ‘The Chosen One’ comes out with big punches early. Covington returns fire and lands a hard low kick. Both men connect with left hands and then Colby forces the clinch and pushes Tyron against the cage. Covington with some good shots to the body of Woodley while he has him pressed against the fence. The fighters scramble for dominant position but it is Colby who secures it. Ninety seconds remain now. Covington continues to work from the clinch. He is simply overwhelming Woodley here. Tyron makes a push to break free but can’t do so. The fighters break and both men connect with nice strikes, Woodley a punch and Colby an elbow. The horn sounds to end the round.

Round four of the UFC Vegas 11 main event begins and Colby Covington quickly takes the center of the Octagon and lands a hard kick to the body. Woodley with a low kick but he is already back against the cage. Colby with a good punch and then he dives on a takedown. Woodley is able to stay up for a bit but ‘Chaos’ eventually drags him down to the floor. Covington moves to half guard and has three minutes to work. Covington with some short punches and then a nice elbow. Tyron Woodley is busted up. He is bleeding badly. Another big punch and then an elbow from Colby. He is throwing a ton of volume. Woodley’s face is a mess. More shots from Colby to close out the fourth round.

The fifth and final round of the UFC Vegas 11 main event begins and Colby Covington comes out aggressively. He lands a left and then a low kick. Tyron Woodley swings and misses with a big right hand. Covington dives in for a takedown but it is not there. He continues to work for a takedown but Wooldey locks in a guillotine. Colby looks to pass position and as he does Woodley winces in pain. The referee steps in and waves the fight off.

Official UFC Vegas 11 Result: Colby Covington def. Tyron Woodley via TKO at 1:19 of Round 5

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This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM


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