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Jake Paul scoffs at ‘no knockout clause’ rumor, implements $500k bonus to Tyron Woodley for rematch

Jake Paul has made it clear there is nothing in the contracts saying his opponent can’t knock him out.

Back in August, Tyron Woodley rocked Paul badly but didn’t throw anything of substance after that to finish the job. To no surprise, after the fight, Dillon Danis claimed Woodley had a no knockout rule in his contract which Paul says is not true. Instead, he offered Woodley a $500k bonus if he does knock him out in their rematch on December 18.

“You know me. I like to make things more interesting all the way across the board. There’s been this rumor going around about a no knockout clause in my contracts, which someone started and everyone else ran with. People are like sheep,” Paul said on a media call on Monday. “They just believe anything they read or see. That’s been a rumor that is completely untrue. I’d be in jail for rigging fights. It’s illegal. We just wanted to squash that rumor right away. From now on, we will be giving bonuses to my opponents if they can knock me out because we want to incentivize them and prove to the media and the world that all of these rumors aren’t true.”

Shortly after Paul said that his advisor Nakisa Bidarian said on the media call that the $500k isn’t just verbally said, it is written in Woodley’s contract. That, of course, will only incentivize Woodley to go for the KO.

“And to be clear, that’s contractual in Tyron’s agreement,” Bidarian said on the media call promoting Paul-Woodley 2. “There’s a contractual agreement that if he knocks out or TKOs Jake, he’ll get a $500,000 bonus payment.”

Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley 2 goes down from the Amalie Arena in Tampa on December 18. The event will air live on Showtime pay-per-view and comes just four months after their fight back in August which Paul won by split decision.

What do you make of Jake Paul offering Tyron Woodley $500k to KO him?

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