EXCLUSIVE | TJ Dillashaw coach Duane Ludwig: Cody should be getting the next crack at TJ

Last Friday, on the main card of UFC 207, TJ Dillashaw coach Duane Ludwig watched his star pupil score a lopsided win over John Lineker, the bantamweight division’s number-two ranked fighter. Logic would suggest that with this win, Dillashaw guaranteed himself at the UFC bantamweight title he once owned, which is now held by Cody Garbrandt.

The widely applauded TJ Dillashaw coach, however, isn’t sure what the future holds. While he hopes his fighter will get the next shot at gold, he is far from trusting of the UFC’s current matchmaking strategy.

Ludwig went off in an exclusive interview on BJ Penn Radio. His words:

“Hopefully [the likelihood] is pretty good,” the TJ Dillashaw coach said of his fighter getting the next title shot. “I mean, Cody should be getting the next crack at TJ. It’s crazy. But hopefully it’s 100%, because TJ, I don’t want to sound like a sore loser and be upset about this, but come on man, what the f*ck. He loses a very close split decision that I don’t think he should have lost, he should have gotten an immediate rematch, we don’t, and we have to wait two more fights? This is just f*cking crazy. TJ is fighting the number two contender, back-to-back, while the champion is fighting people ranked way less than the guy TJ’s fighting. How the f*ck does that make sense? It doesn’t make sense, because we’re in the entertainment industry. We gotta make sure we realize that and get on the mic and talk a bit more and stir up the emotions of the masses so they’ll get behind TJ more and he’ll get that title shot. Because it’s about putting butts in the seats, not about who’s ranked higher or who should be the actual champion. It’s crazy to me. It’s not ethical.” 

“He lost a close decision, then gets passed up for two title shots. Like how the f*ck does that make sense?” 

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