Sage Northcutt’s dad fires back at Muay Thai champion

Earlier this month, Muay Thai champion Ilya Grad took to Instagram to recall a training session with UFC prospect Sage Northcutt. Grad’s recollection of the situation was far from good, as he called out Northcutt’s father for interfering with their training.

While video footage of the sparring session in question has since surfaced, Northcutt and his father have remained silent regarding the situation, until now that is.

Northcutt’s father spoke to Low Kick MMA to discuss the situation:

“Everything that Ilya made in this post is completely untrue. First off, we get there and Ilya says, “Oh my neck’s hurt, I really can’t spar, why don’t we just do some light drills?” When Sage’s coach said that was okay, we’ll go back on our side of town and train, he just said “Well, okay, I’ll go ahead and spar.

“From the first few seconds of sparring, Ilya is complaining about Sage the entire time saying “don’t hit so hard, tone it down” and Sage is maybe going 30% and not even throwing any kicks to speak of. For Ilya to say that he was there to teach Sage is a complete lie – that guy couldn’t teach Sage anything and he moved around like a robot with his feet in quicksand. We came over there because Sage’s Gracie coach said that he was a world champ in Muay Thai and would be glad to spar 100% – and him wanting to spar 100% was the farthest thing from the truth.”

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