Sage Northcutt says first professional loss was “a fluke deal”

Back in January, Sage Northcutt squared off against Bryan Barbarena, who stepped in on short notice. Northcutt lost the bout, being submitted via Von Flue Choke in the 2nd round, putting an end to his undefeated streak.

Now, ahead of his UFC 200 fight against Enrique Marin in less than two weeks, Northcutt believes that his loss to Barberena was merely a fluke.

He spoke on The MMA Hour:

“It was a lot of fights in that amount of months. I believe looking back at my last fight, that was a fluke deal. If I wasn’t sick, I believe I would have finished off my opponent very quickly. So, that’s what I go out to do all of the time; is finish off my opponents. I have four knockouts, and three submissions, so that’s what I am looking to do for this fight and I am excited.”

“It was definitely interesting for sure. All I know is, what I can say is that I was not my normal self in my last fight against him and If I was my normal self it would have been a different story. It was a fluke deal my last fight. I know I wasn’t my normal self. I am very explosive, and you saw me go out there and trip over my own feet and have to fall on the ground, and throw a kick after falling. that wasn’t something that I would normally do, my normal self. I didn’t have my normal speed, my normal explosiveness, none of that and I believe the people watching could see that.”

Only time will tell if Northcutt will be able to bounce back from his loss to Barberena.

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