Ronda Rousey’s mother shares the advice that encouraged her daughter to leave the UFC

Ronda Rousey, The rock

Former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has left the world of mixed martial arts behind, and from the looks of it, she couldn’t be happier with her new life as a pro wrestler.

That being said, Rousey’s transformation from fighter to pro wrestler—particularly her exit from the UFC—was not exactly easy.

Speaking to Submission Radio, Rousey’s mother, AnnaMaria De Mars, shared some advice that she offered her world-famous daughter to help her leave the UFC and set off for greener pastures.

“I’ve told her that, and I tell all my girls that, and I tell graduate students that I teach that you don’t owe anybody else your life, and you don’t live your life by other people’s expectations,” De Mars said (h/t “So, I think it’s really great that she’s doing what she’s happy about doing now. And, yes, I think it’s the right thing in life to try help other people and make the world a little bit better when you can.

“But if you get to the point where you’re not, I just think too many people get out of bed, and they’re not excited to face the day, and it doesn’t have to be like that. And so, if you don’t feel like that, you should change.”

De Mars then shared her excitement about Rousey’s new career as a pro wrestler, and the happiness it seems to have brought the former champ.

“I think everybody needs to know when to go,” she said. “And when you’re in a sport – and I say this for anybody, not just Ronda or UFC or judo or whatever – but when you’re in a sport and when the tournament’s over the biggest thing is relief that you didn’t lose or relief that it’s over – that’s the time to go. You know?

“You should be going into an event and be excited to be there. ‘This is so great, I get to beat people up, and they’re not gonna arrest me.’ You should feel great about being in it and not just it being over and, ‘Oh my god, nothing bad happened.’ So I think she’s really enjoying the journey, and I’m really happy.”

Solid life advice from Ronda Rousey’s mom!

This article first appeared on on 4/13/2018.

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