Report: Ronda Rousey likely to appear in WWE ring again

Ronda Rousey

Earlier today, we reported that Conor McGregor’s team said that they would be willing to entertain offers from WWE. If the Irishman were to accept an offer from the pro wrestling organization and step into the ring, he’d be following in the footsteps of another massive MMA star in Ronda Rousey.

Rousey made her foray into the pro wrestling world at WrestleMania 31 in March of 2015, when she joined The Rock in the ring for a brief showdown with Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. During this skirmish, Rousey hip tossed Triple H out of the ring, and threatened McMahon with an armbar before chucking her out of the ring as well.

The fighter’s appearance in the pro wrestling arena was extremely well received, and she seemed to enjoy the experience herself. Given this, there was immediate speculation that the appearance wouldn’t be her last. When she suggested in a post-event Tweet that she was “just gettin’ started,” fans were given even more reason to believe that she might soon return to the WWE ring.

In the days after WrestleMania 31, however, Rousey’s agent appeared on UFC Tonight to assure that her WWE sojourn was a one-time thing.

Well, according to Dave Meltzer, who has one ear pressed against the door of the pro wrestling world, and the other pressed to the door of the mixed martial arts world, Rousey’s WWE career might not be over yet.

“Ronda will probably do a match at some point,” he said, when asked by a fan if Rousey was likely to return to WWE. 

So there you have it. While nothing is set in stone at the moment, one of the world’s foremost authorities on both pro wrestling and mixed martial arts has assured that Rousey’s returning to the pro wrestling ring is a very real possibility. And given that she doesn’t appear to be the picture of confidence heading into her comeback fight with Amanda Nunes, that could be a good thing…

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