Marc Goddard Comments on Late Perry vs. Roberts Stoppage

Last Saturday, on the Fight Pass Prelims of UFC 204, undefeated welterweight Mike Perry sent England’s Danny Robert’s careening to the mat with a third-round knee and a followup punch. Though Roberts was clearly out cold, Perry then chased him to the canvas, where he landed a series of additional blows, while referee Marc Goddard watched on as if his mind was altogether elsewhere.

Mike Perry wins

In the wake of this refereeing slip-up, Goddard unsurprisingly received a good deal of negative feedback. On Sunday evening, the experienced referee took to Twitter to address this backlash, and give his thoughts on the stoppage.

“I received a TON of messages last night,” Goddard said. “Many personal & insulting but I’m a big boy and it goes with the territory. Expected & accepted.”

“But know this,” he continued. “No one alive is more self critical, self analytical and a harsher reviewer of me than me. It’s been a long time since I’ve ever felt so reflective, but in an emotional sport my heart’s so invested & I make it my business to teach acceptance honesty & humility. So it’s in my life blood to look back. We deal with inches, seconds, heat beats & emotion so high I could never put it into words.”

“Last night presented me with an instance that in truth in any other night on earth I’m acting sooner and that’s the truth,” Goddard continued. “Thank you all.”

See Goddard’s full, Twitter response to the Perry-Roberts stoppage backlash below:

Evidently, Goddard is not taking this questionable stoppage lightly, and is striving to avoid any similar slips in the future. How did you feel about the Perry vs. Roberts stoppage? Sound off, PENN nation!

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