UFC 204 Results: Mike Perry KO’s Danny Roberts

By Chris Taylor - October 8, 2016

A welterweight scrap between Danny Roberts and Mike Perry served as the featured bout of tonight’s UFC 204 fight pass prelims in Manchester, England.

Mike Perry

Round one begins and Perry immediately presses forward with strikes. He lands a solid leg kick on Danny. Roberts scores with a left hand to the body. Perry is the aggressor early. Roberts fires off with a body kick. Perry replies with one of his own. A nice left hand scores for Danny. Mike presses forward and lands a right hand. Roberts misses with a combination. He steps inside and lands a knee. Perry presses forward but eats a leg kick. Perry with a stiff jab and then a high kick attempt that is blocked. He comes forward with some big punches. He scores a knee inside. Robert dives down for a takedown but it is not there. Perry takes his back and lands some strikes. Roberts scrambles but Perry winds up in side control. He switches to the back and begins searching for a rear-naked choke. Danny scrambles and gets back to his feet. Roberts lands a kick to the body and then one to the leg. Both men land with left hooks. Perry scores with a front kick. Danny replies with a hard kick to the body. The fighters exchange punches. Perry lands a big combination and then a massive uppercut. Roberts goes down. Perry jumps on him with punches but the horn sounds to end round one.

Round two begins and Roberts starts things off with back-to-back low kicks. Perry is trying to get inside and unload. Danny goes upstairs with a high kick. Perry presses forward with punches. He has Roberts in trouble. Danny shoots for a takedown but it is not there. More shots inside for Perry. Roberts circles away and lands a combination. He lands a stiff left hook. Perry looks to be stunned. More shots from Roberts. He has Perry backing up now. A nice leg kick scores for Danny. He lands a pair of nice lefts. He presses forward but eats a big right. Roberts goes down and Perry jumps in to full mount. Nice elbows from Perry. Round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and the crowd is cheering wildly. Roberts lands a leg kick. He fires off a combination and then a body kick. Perry catches him with a right hand and presses him against the cage. Nice knees and right hands from Perry. Roberts circles off the cage and lands a kick. Perry lands a short left hook. Danny paws with his jab and scores with a low kick. Perry presses forward with punches. Roberts lands a counter left that stuns Perry. Roberts comes forward and they tie up on the cage. Perry is able to recover and circles out. He misses with a spinning wheel kick. Roberts comes forward and lands a head kick. This fight is a war. Danny presses forward with a combination. Perry tucks his chin and throws a big right hand. He presses forward but eats a leg kick. He lands a big knee and then a right hand however and Roberts is hurt. Roberts drops and Perry follows up with some big shots on the ground. Roberts is out cold and this one is over.

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