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Paulo Costa demands public apology from the nurse he allegedly elbowed: “Or else legal actions may be necessary”

Paulo Costa is speaking out about a nurse he allegedly elbowed.

Costa is speaking out regarding allegations that he elbowed a nurse that tried to stop him from taking a proof of vaccination card at a mall in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Paulo Costa is denying that he assaulted the woman, and his management team released a strongly worded statement denying the claims.

Taking to ‘Instagram’, Costa had this to say:

“A false accusation of physical aggression was leveled against me and I will show for you guys the facts, the proofs and you guys will know what I’m talking about. I’m being accused of elbowing a women who is supposed to be a nurse on her face.”

“I’m a professional MMA artist and you can imagine the damage my elbow may cause on an unprotected woman’s face? Something terrible to even imagine that. But I’m here to say to everyone that never happened and I will show you guys why. I have proof of that.”

Continuing, the former UFC title challenger Paulo Costa shared photos about the incident:

“Okay directly to the point, this photo has been taken by the officers at the police station just a few hours after the alleged incident,” he said. “Can you see? This is the supposed victim of my elbow. And more, we have photographs of the inside of her lips. This part is exactly where she points that I elbowed her which unquestionably shows she hasn’t been subjected to any form of physical violence. That’s impossible.”

“Any form of violence against women is unacceptable. As a result of misleading imputations simply serve to discredit and hide the actual battle against women’s violence. We know this kind of false allegation is very serious. So I really hope this woman decides to make her public apologies or else legal actions may be necessary, unfortunately.”

Obviously the fighter is wanting to keep his record clean and discredit the women who put forth the allegations.

Paulo Costa is slated to return to the Octagon at UFC 278 for a middleweight showdown with former division champion Luke Rockhold.

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