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Paige VanZant says BKFC is paying her “10 times” what she made in the UFC

Paige VanZant seems quite happy with her Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship contract.

When VanZant became a free agent, many expected her to sign in Bellator where her husband competes. Although they did give her a very competitive offer, VanZant was glad to sign with BKFC.

“I was really fortunate coming from the UFC that I did have so many organizations reached out, and I truly wasn’t sure where my career was going to go,” Paige VanZant said at a BKFC press conference. “I had two big offers that were in competition: this one or Bellator, which my husband fights for. I know I had a lot of people, my coaches, my husband, they all wanted me to go to Bellator. But, I had to go where my passion lies, and I truly know this is the organization I belong with.

“This is the one I was most passionate about. This is where I see myself being the most successful. I absolutely love my striking, it’s what I was known for in the UFC. So, I’m excited to come in here and show how tough I am,” VanZant continued. “That’s one thing I’ve carried throughout my entire career, is no one can say I’m definitely not one tough chick, and I plan to show that I’m very fortunate I’m in a position where I love the organization I fight for.”

Paige VanZant will make her debut tonight in the main event of KnuckleMania live on pay-per-view. For VanZant, not only is she excited to finally fight sans gloves, but she revealed BKFC is paying her 10 times what the UFC did.

“I’m here for a reason. I was in the UFC for six years getting paid $40,000 (to show) and $40,000 (to win). Now I’m getting 10 times that doing what I love,” VanZant concluded. “So, obviously, I’m not going anywhere. I’m very happy fighting here and I’m excited to fight.”

What do you make of Paige VanZant saying BKFC is paying 10 times what the UFC did?

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