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Paige VanZant blasts haters ahead of BKFC debut: “I’m still going to be beautiful even if I get cut open”

BKFC fighter Paige VanZant blasted her haters ahead of her upcoming bout, telling them that she will still be beautiful even if she gets cut.

VanZant left the UFC last year to sign a big-money, free-agent contract with BKFC. Next weekend, VanZant makes her bare-knuckle boxing debut against Britain Hart on February 5 during the Super Bowl weekend card. VanZant’s decision to move from MMA to BKFC, where the likelihood of her face getting cut is very high, has led to criticism from fans online, many of who believe she is making the wrong call. Her critics believe that VanZant will get cut open in BKFC which could harm her earning as an Instagram model. To those haters, VanZant has two words for them: grow up.

“I feel like I have for the majority of my career, and I’ve been thinking about this, why have I kept my mouth shut so much about all the haters and the hate and the negativity I get? My idea is that if you talk sh*t to somebody then you should be willing to say it to their face. And not a single person who has said anything negative about me publicly has said it to my face. And I’ve seen these people in person,” VanZant said to TMZ Sports.

“To me, it’s like all the negativity about my face, like grow up. It’s a face, and it’s mine, and I can do anything I want with it. And I guess what, I’m still going to be beautiful even if I get cut open. It’s not a big deal. I think people are so — it just makes me believe — I want to see the world as this great happy place, but it’s just so condescending just to think of your beauty as important.”

With VanZant’s BKFC debut coming up in less than a week from now, it will be interesting to see what the reaction is like from fans depending on the outcome of the fight. But it doesn’t sound like she is worried at all about being cut open.

How do you think Paige VanZant will fare in her BKFC debut?

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