UFC Brasilia Results: Nikita Krylov defeats Johnny Walker (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - March 14, 2020

A highly anticipated light heavyweight bout between Johnny Walker and Nikita Krylov takes place on the main card of today’s UFC Brasilia event.

Nikita Krylov, UFC

Krylov (25-7 MMA) will enter tonight’s bout looking to rebound, this after suffering a split decision loss to Glover Teixeira in September.

Meanwhile, Walker (17-4 MMA) will also be looking to rebound, this after suffering a knockout loss to Corey Anderson in his most recent effort at UFC 244. Prior to the setback, the Brazilian standout was riding an impressive nine-fight win streak.

Johnny Walker, Jon Jones, Jimi Manuwa

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Round one begins and Johnny Walker lands a front kick to the body. Nikita Krylov shoots for a takedown and the fighters clinch against the cage. Krylov continues to press for the takedown. Walker is doing a good job of defending. Johnny with some big elbows. Krylov is relentless and ends up scoring the takedown. Walker is quickly up to one knee. Nikita is still riding him and throwing some shorts shots. A couple of good right hands find a home for Krylov. Walker is looking to scramble back to his feet. Krylov prevents him from doing so and begins landing some shots to the body. He switches to head shots and Walker instantly scrambles to his feet. Both men land standing elbows. Krylov with a big right hand. Walker returns fire with a spinning back fist. Nikita Krylov shoots in and scores a takedown. He begins working from full guard and landing strikes. Thirty seconds remain in the opening round. Krylov with a big right. He moves to side control and works some elbows to the body. The horn sounds to end round one.

Round two begins and Nikita Krylov comes forward with a flurry. He dives in for a takedown and gets it. Johnny Walker with a nice elbow from the bottom but Krylov remains in dominant position. Good shots from the top by Nikita. Walker attempts to roll for a triangle choke. Krylov escapes and lands a big right. He moves to side control and lands a knee to the body of Walker. Big elbows now from Nikita Krylov. Johnny Walker finally scrambles free and winds up in top position. Krylov is looking for a sweep. He rolls for a leg lock. Krylov is throwing elbows and back fists from the position. Walker escapes and takes the back. Krylov rolls for a kneebar. Johnny Walker escapes and rains down some heavy shots. The horn sounds to end round two.


Round three begins and Krylov comes forward to start. He lands a front kick and then dives in for a takedown. Walker is doing a good job of defending so far. The fighters go to the ground but it is Johnny Walker who winds up in top position. Walker moves to mount but Krylov scrambles and takes top position. That was a risky move by Walker and it did not pay off. Krylov working from half guard. He lands a couple of shots. Johnny scrambles back to full guard. He lands some elbows from the bottom. Nikita Krylov better start to work if he doesn’t want to get stood up. Walker rolls for an armbar but Krylov escapes and winds up in half guard. Big elbows not from Nikita. He is smothering Walker with strikes now. Thirty seconds remain.

Official UFC Brasilia Result: Nikita Krylov def. Johnny Walker by unanimous decision

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This article first appeared on BJPENN.com March 14, 2020

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM


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