UFC Hall of Fame legend loves Conor McGregor, but is ‘going to get his ass beat’ by Nate Diaz, again

UFC 196

UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor has his chance to avenge his only UFC loss to Nate Diaz on August 20. While “The Notorious” has been “obsessed” over the rematch, some believe that Diaz simply has McGregor’s number.

UFC Hall of Fame legend Pat Miletich recently spoke with “Submission Radio” and gave his insight on the rematch between Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor.

“No. He’s going to get his ass beat by Nate again,” Miletich said of McGregor competing in the welterweight contest (transcribed by Bloody Elbow). “And even if he were to get lucky and beat Nate, he fights guys that cut down — some of the guys at 170 are cutting down from 210-215 pounds. I mean, you’re talking skull fractures from punches from guys like that.”

“The 170-pounders who walk around at 200, 200-plus, could punch a heavyweight and break his jaw and knock him out,” he said. “So these are explosive, very strong guys, who if Conor McGregor even remotely attempts to take them down, he’s going to get shut down. And if he gets hit with a three-punch combo, (he) is going to the hospital.”

“I’ll tell you what though, I will say this, Conor McGregor has sold the sport, he’s sold himself. I think he’s brought some of the Chael Sonnen-WWE from Ireland into it, which is great and more power to him. I love the guy, actually.”

Miletich said that Diaz has the experience, durability, and conditioning factors over McGregor, which make it a rough night for “The Notorious.”

“I think Conor’s going to come in very motivated, bigger, stronger, but he’s not gonna be able to hurt Nate.”

“Look, I’m training for a 100-mile run in two-mile altitude. The Diaz brothers do stuff like that on a regular basis,” he said. “You cannot get them tired, you cannot hurt them. What can Conor McGregor do to Nate Diaz, that doing a 50-mile or 75-mile run can’t do to him?”

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