VIDEO | Nate Diaz gives back to the youth and rolls with the kid’s class

UFC star Nate Diaz is set to rematch UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor in another non-title welterweight bout at UFC 202 in August.

Prior to their first match at UFC 196, McGregor made fun of Diaz for teaching kid’s jiu-jitsu classes on weekends to help supplement his income. Diaz later said that he simply looks to push the martial arts and inspire people.

McGregor’s mouth came back to haunt him during their fight at UFC 196 as Diaz put on a display of superior ground fighting technique, submitting Mcgregor in the second round.

Here is a flashback clip of Nate as a brown belt rolling with the kids class.

Now that Nate Diaz is making millions in these money fights with Conor McGregor, you can bet that he is doing seminars and teaching the youth only for the love of marital arts.

Video | Nate Diaz
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