Nate Diaz says he’s the “Super Hero” of the fight game, plans to get his “UFC belts” after beating up Jake Paul

By Cole Shelton - April 12, 2023

Nate Diaz has opened up on his decision to box Jake Paul.

Nate Diaz

On Wednesday it was revealed Diaz is set to headline a DAZN boxing pay-per-view against Paul. It’s a fight that both men have talked about for years and it will be a highly-anticipated bout. The bout also serves as Diaz’s first fight since his UFC exit but he revealed he plans on returning to the UFC to get his belts after he beats up Paul.

“Besides Canelo (Alvarez), he’s the biggest thing in boxing. I’m here to conquer that. I’m the King of combat sports and then I’m headed back to get my UFC belts,” Diaz said in a press release. “I fucked up Conor for acting out and now here I am again, like a Super Hero of the Real Fight game, the King of the Real Fight game.”

Although Nate Diaz was vocal in trying to become a free agent, he has also said in the past he will fight in the UFC again. He also confirmed after UFC 279 that boxing was his goal so many assumed the fight with Paul would be next.

“I’mma go out there and I’m gonna take over another profession and become the best at that, show everybody I’m the best at that, and then I’m gonna be right f*****g back here to get a motherf*****g UFC title,” Diaz said in his post-fight interview. “The best title in the world. I’ll show everybody how to own another sport. So all you motherf*****s out there trying to run another sport, boxing, kickboxing, jiu-jitsu. Other MMA organizations, if you think you’re the top, creme de la creme right here, I’m coming for you.”

If Diaz does go out there and beat Paul in a boxing match, it will no doubt add value to his name in free agency. It would also add some hype to a potential trilogy fight with Conor McGregor, which both men have said will happen.

But, for now, Diaz is focused on beating up Paul on August 5 before making his return to the UFC.

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