Nate Diaz blasts Conor McGregor and the UFC on social media

Nate Diaz

How many fans have been thinking about the trilogy fight between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz now that the Mayweather boxing match is out of the way?

Diaz was the last to defeat McGregor in mixed martial arts as he submitted the Irish superstar at UFC 196 back in March of last year. The two rivals met in a rematch at UFC 202 where McGregor won a close majority decision.

With the promotion and hype surrounding what could be the richest fight in history, Diaz took to social media on Tuesday to make a few points. The younger Diaz brother reposted a photo from the UFC’s official Instagram account of “The Notorious” that had the words, “I NEVER LOSE EITHER I WIN OR I LEARN” under McGregor’s face.

Diaz wrote the following in the caption of his post:

“He punched himself out the same way he lost in the Ufc there was no learning goin on.. #overpromotion bullshit get off the nuts this the shit I’m talking about
Bruce Lee would’ve never lost like that.
#realninjashit 🖕🏼”

McGregor’s team attributed gassing out as a reason for the loss in the first fight with Diaz by not using his energy efficiently. McGregor also said after the 10th round TKO loss to Mayweather that he was more fatigued than hurt, which is why Diaz stated that McGregor lost the same way he did in the UFC and didn’t learn the first time.

What are your thoughts on Nate Diaz putting Conor McGregor and the UFC on blast? Let’s discuss this one in the comment section!

This article first appeared on on 9/5/2017.

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