UFC 202 Results: Conor McGregor defeats Nate Diaz

By Chris Taylor - August 20, 2016

A welterweight bout between current UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor and perennial lightweight contender Nate Diaz headlined tonight’s UFC 202 event in Las Vegas.

Conor McGregor

Round one begins and McGregor starts off with two leg kicks. Diaz misses with a head kick. Another leg kick from Conor. Diaz responds with a kick of his own. Diaz lands a stiff jab. Conor fires back with two leg kicks. Nate replies with a kick and then a shot to the body. More kicks from Diaz. Conor comes in and lands a big left. He lands a straight left and Diaz drops. Nate gets back up and eats a leg kick. Nate lands a right hand. Conor goes to the body and then lands a leg kick. Nate with a leg kick and then misses with a jab. Conor lands another hard leg kick. Diaz responds with a combination. Conor with a big shot to the body of Diaz and then he scores with another leg kick. Nate throws a slap but eats a jab. Conor fires off with another big leg kick. Nate lands a jab. He’s talking to Conor now. McGregor is circling. He comes in with a left hand. Diaz with a right and round one is in the books.

Round two begins and Conor comes forward with a leg kick. Nate replies with a right hand. Conor drops Nate with a left hand. Diaz is back to his feet. Conor with a leg kick. Another left hand and Diaz is back down. Nate gets up and lands a jab. Conor responds with a jab of his own followed by a chopping leg kick. Diaz goes to the body with a punch. Conor lands another leg kick. Nate comes forward with a right hand. Conor goes to the body and then the head. Diaz is bloodied up. Nate lands a jab and then a leg kick. Both fighters trade punches. Conor lands a left hand and then a leg kick. Nate presses forward but Conor circles away. Diaz lands a nice right. He puts a big combination on the Irishman. Conor is backing away now. Nate with a jab and Conor is down. McGregor pops right back up. Nate is landing knees inside against the cage. Diaz with another good shot. Round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and Nate comes out quickly. He lands a jab on Conor. McGregor lands a leg kick but eats a counter right. Nate presses him against the cage. He lands some knees. Conor is breathing heavy. Conor lands a big left hand on the break. He follows up with a leg kick. Diaz lands a nice jab. A big slap lands for Diaz. Nate pushes Conor against the cage. He begins working some strikes from the clinch. Nate drops down for a double-leg but it is not there. A nice combination lands for Nate. Conor looks tired. Nate is pointing at him. Nate lands a right hand. Conor counters with a left. Nate responds with a kick and a nice hook. Nate tags Conor with a combination. Diaz is putting it on Conor. Huge shots from Diaz. It’s punches in bunches. Big knees now. Round three comes an end.

Round four begins and Conor opens things up with a leg kick. Conor follows that up with a nice left. Diaz replies with a jab. Both men are trading punches now. Diaz keeps wiping his eyes. He is bleeding badly. Another big leg kick scores for Conor. Nate lands a front kick to the body. Conor with a solid combination. Diaz chases him down and presses him against the cage. He drops for a takedown but Conor stuffs it. Both men land big elbows inside. Nate with a knee to the body. Conor spins Nate around and puts him against the cage. Conor lands a beautiful combo as the break. Nate lands a big shot that staggers Conor. McGregor fires right back with a right hand. Conor with a left hand and Diaz returns fire with a slap. Diaz throws a kick and slips to end round four.

Round five begins and Conor fires a leg kick to start. Diaz responds with a jab. Nate with another jab. Conor fires back with a left. Diaz presses McGregor against the cage. Nate drops down for a takedown but Conor stuffs the attempt. Excellent combo from Diaz. Conor retreats. His hands are on his hips. He lands a leg kick and Nate shakes his head. Diaz lands a big shot. He presses Conor against the fence. More shots from Nate. He lands a big elbow. Some short uppercuts from Diaz. He drops for a takedown but McGregor shuts the door. 90 seconds remain. Diaz is outworking Conor here. McGregor turns Diaz against the cage. Conor lands a trip but Nate gets right back up. Nate lands a big takedown and then executes some shots before the horn sounds to end the fight.

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