Matt Brown clarifies statements on suicidal thoughts following criticism of Ronda Rousey

Matt Brown made headlines this week after revealing his thoughts on Ronda Rousey’s long layoff following her knockout loss to Holly Holm back at UFC 193 last year.

Rousey will make her octagon return at UFC 207 in December, where she will look to reclaim the belt she lost as she takes on current woman’s bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes.

Brown was initially rather harsh on the former champ, calling into question her motivation after withdrawing completely from the MMA world following her devastating loss to Holm, which was her first-ever career loss. Rousey had said she was suicidal after the defeat, which the longtime UFC welterweight chastised, calling her a “quitter” when speaking to the press.

While the MMA media compared Brown’s statements regarding his first-ever TKO loss to Rousey, the “Immortal” corrected the record on Wednesday and clarified his sentiments on Instagram. Check out what Brown had to say for yourself!

Ok let’s clear up these headlines/click bait. First off, I should have never even mentioned suicide as it is a very serious issue for people and I’ll never truly relate to those folks. Second off, if you read the whole thing I cleared it up in the second paragraph here that I was simply using it as an expression. All fighters feel that low after a loss, especially after a devastating loss like I had with Ellenberger. I am a believer that losses are simply transitory disappointment and how you deal with the struggle and the disappointment is what defines you as a man. I allowed these feelings to run their course, accepted my disappointment, I let them go, and I got back in the gym where I belong. To sum it all up: I am not suicidal in any way, I won’t speak of it again because it is something I don’t understand, and I will continue to push forward with all I have. I apologize to anyone out there that has been through such hard times and I do not mean to undermine your issues.

A photo posted by Matthew Brown (@iamtheimmortal) on Oct 26, 2016 at 8:07am PDT

Brown himself suffered the first knockout loss of his career at the hands and feet of Jake Ellenberger at UFC 201 in July. Brown had made statements about being depressed following the TKO loss, and the media apparently took his words out of context and compared his situation to Rousey’s, which Brown felt the need to correct via Instagram.

Unlike Rousey, who essentially went silent after her KO loss to Holm, Brown insisted his first TKO loss was “transitory” and was back in the gym in no time, while Rousey stepped away from the MMA game entirely until the UFC announced she would be returning to take on Nunes, which is over a year since her first loss in November 2015.

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