Matt Brown Thinks Diego Sanchez Retiring With Him Would Be a ‘Great Story’

Matt Brown Diego Sanchez

It came as a surprise when ‘The Immortal’ Matt Brown decided he was going to step away from the sport. He announced that his UFC Norfolk fight with Diego Sanchez would be the last time he steps into the Octagon, officially retiring whether he wins or loses. His exciting fights will be missed, but much respect to Matt Brown for getting out when he feels it’s time. He thinks that this moment could be all the more special, if his opponent decided it was time to leave the gloves in the cage as well.

“My game plan is not much different than always. I’m going to punch [Diego Sanchez] before he punches me, I’m going to punch him more times than he punches me, and I’m going to punch him harder than he punches me. It’s not that complicated, man. You know what you’re getting when you’re fighting Diego, I think people know what they’re getting when they fight me. I’m going to come forward, he’s going to come forward, we’re going to meet in the middle, we’re going to throw down.”

“I think I’m technically superior to him. I’m faster, stronger, bigger, everything. So, it’s going to be a great night for me and not-so-great night for Diego. I hate saying that, because I love Diego, but I think after this fight he’s probably going to consider his retirement too. I might even retire him that night actually and have a great story after. I think [a double retirement] would be a great story wouldn’t it? I think Diego should retire the same night.”  Matt Brown speaking to MMA Tonight on Sirius XM Rush.

Diego Sanchez has been in absolute wars during his career, 12-years of which took place for the UFC. He’s the only fighter from the very first Ultimate Fighter broadcast to still be fighting in the UFC. It’s not our place to say when Sanchez should retire or not, but he’s given his all for the sport and we’d celebrate his accomplishments with respect if he did. The same way we will with Matt Brown. Before any of that happens though, we are in for one helluva fight on November 11th at Fight Night 120.

This article first appeared on on 9/27/2017.

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