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UFC 209 Results: Mark Godbeer defeats Daniel Spitz (Highlights)

Chris Taylor - March 4, 2017

A heavyweight bout between Mark Godbeer and Daniel Spitz kicked off tonight’s UFC 209 prelims on FS1. Round one begins and Godbeer quickly presses forward with a right hand. Spitz grabs a hold of him in the clinch and throws a couple of good knees. The fighters break and Godbeer lands a kick. He circles and then lands a left jab followed by another leg kick. Mark connects with a nice right hand. He charges forward with a shot to the body followed by a kick. Spitz returns fire with a push kick. Mark leans in and lands another right hand. Spitz circles out and lands a nice leg kick. Godbeer fires back with a leg kick of his own that drops Spitz momentarily. Mark charges forward with a combination and the fighters clinch against the cage. Spitz with a knee and then they break. Godbeer lands a nice low kick. Spitz returns fire with one of his own. Daniel just misses with a high kick. He follows up with a good jab to the body of Godbeer. He catches Mark with a knee inside. Both men exchange leg kicks. Godbeer presses forward and lands a nice combination. Spitz with a left jab but Godbeer answers with a hard right hand to close out round one.