Kamaru Usman says it’s “green panty night” when any welterweight fights him

Kamaru Usman, Dana White
Image via @ufc on Instagram (photographer not listed)

Kamaru Usman knows it’s a big night for any welterweight when they get a chance to fight him.

In the main event of UFC 261, Usman is set to rematch Jorge Masvidal in a high-profile fight. Although many believe Usman asked for the rematch because of how much star power and draw “Gamebred” has, he says that isn’t true. He knows there will be more eyes but he believes he’s the reason why it is a big fight.

“There’s truth and there’s not truth to that. You can’t say you are the star and that’s who I want to be, that’s wrong, because I have what everyone in the world wants, so you can’t say that,” Kamaru Usman said to ESPN. “Of course, does he bring more eyes right now? Absolutely, I’m a realist, I’ve always been a realist.

“If I look at all the pools of guys I’ve been through all of them, now I’m just lapping them all,” Usman added. “We’re running a race right now and I’m lapping everybody right now. He’s the first guy, so he’s dead last right now, the first guy I’m about to lap. I’m lapping him.

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“You know, does he bring a little bit more eyes? Absolutely. I don’t take that away from him, I’m proud of everything he has done, absolutely proud of him,” Usman continued. “Respect in that aspect. Let’s be honest, I have what everyone wants. It’s green panty night when you fight me. He’s not getting the pay-per-views on his own, he has to fight me.”

Kamaru Usman does have a point that his and Masvidal’s rivalry is a reason why the fight is so big. He also has the championship belt which they are all after and he’ll continue to headline pay-per-views and rack in extra money due to that.

What do you make of Kamaru Usman saying it’s green panty night when welterweights fight him?

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