Josh Barnett on the Paul brothers in boxing: ‘If we don’t pay for it, it doesn’t become the thing that it is’

PhotoCred: Cageside Press / Business Insider

Josh Barnett has always been an entertainer whether it’s in the ring or the cage. When it comes to seeing YouTube stars like Jake and Logan Paul boxing, he’s not interested.

With a combined three fights under their belts, the Paul’s appear to have no intention of slowing down their boxing antics as Jake is scheduled to face former MMA champion Ben Askren in April. Meanwhile, Logan has had his exhibition with Floyd Mayweather postponed.

“They’re real athletes, I’ll give ’em that,” Josh Barnett said of the Paul’s on the We Are RIZIN podcast. “As for it being a mockery, I think the mockery part of it is just simply that they’re able to cash in on it as much as they do without having — let’s use the term from wrestling — paid their dues, right?

“But it’s not them, it’s us. If we don’t pay for it then it doesn’t become the thing that it is. If people don’t watch Jake and Logan’s YouTube idiocy then how do they become famous off of it? If you don’t watch the Kardashians, you don’t make them any money, we don’t have any Kardashians to complain about.

“At the end of the day, I can’t get mad at someone for making something I find absolutely debased and stupid, and of hardly any value to society… they just did what they’re gonna do.” Barnett finished. “And people incentivize them to keep doing it. I’m not gonna watch Jake Paul. I’ll watch a gif maybe online somewhere.”

At 43-years old, Josh Barnett, the record holder for youngest UFC heavyweight champion in history, has seen it all. Throughout his time in combat sports, he’s amassed a record of 34-8 while also dabbling in the pro wrestling world.

The Seattle, Washington native actually happens to run wrestling events known as “Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport” — the fourth and fifth events take place on Feb. 13 and Feb. 21. Therefore, he’s well aware of the needed ability to sell to thrive.

Having not fought since 2016, Barnett still aims to debut in Bellator before officially hanging up the gloves.

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