PHOTOS | UFC veteran Tyson Griffin shares private messages with Jon Jones

By Tom Taylor - April 10, 2018

Shortly after Conor McGregor‘s Thursday rampage in Brooklyn, former UFC lightweight Tyson Griffin took to Twitter to compare the Irishman to another troubled former champion in Jon Jones.

Jon Jones

“Well there goes [Conor McGregor] losing his Burger King deal faster than [Jon Jones] lost his Nike deal!! Or did he?? More [money] more problems.”

It did not take Jones long to fire back at Griffin.

“My dream was to be sponsored by Nike as a high school wrestler,” Jones said in the first of several Tweets to Griffin. “Became an adult and made it happen. Even had my own sneaker which sold out within a day.”

“What ever happened with your Nike deal, I don’t remember,” Jones continued in a second Tweet. “I’ll wait…”

“You can tell by the tone of your tweet that you’re happy Conor may be losing his deal. Disguise yourself as an MMA coach or a MMA personality, I just see a bitter bitch who’s the size of my dick.”

These scathing responses from Jones prompted Griffin to share a series of direct messages the pair allegedly exchanged two years ago. Unsurprisingly, these messages to not portray Jones in a particularly favorable way.

“I may have took a jab [at Conor McGregor] during his rampage, but just like that, man tried to steal the spotlight,” Griffin said in a Tweet. “[Jon Jones] is trying to make this all about him and apparently it’s too soon to joke about his Nike deal.”

“2 years ago, I kept this private because I almost felt bad for [Jon Jones], but now I’ll just let you all judge for yourselves,” Griffin added in a followup Tweet that included his exchanges with Jones.

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