Audio released from Jon Jones traffic stop after going 75 mph in a 35 mph zone

Apparently former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was given a “huge break” from Albuquerque, New Mexico police.

Police clocked Jones going 75 mph in a 35 mph zone and the former champ didn’t have any proof of insurance, registration for the vehicle, or his driver’s license at the time of the stop.

TMZ obtained audio from when police pulled Jones over. When the police officer asks Jones for the insurance, Jones says he doesn’t know where it is. “Bones” asks the police officer, “Is that illegal?” The officer replies that Jones knows it is illegal to drive without proof of insurance, but Jones reiterates that he was unaware of that law.

When questioned about not having his license, Jones says, “I lost my license a while ago, so I usually carry my passport.” Jones then goes on to explain that he is originally from New York as his name was not coming up in the police officer’s record system of having a driver’s license. “I moved here officially about a year and a half ago and I’ve been driving around carrying my passport. I left my passport in my bookbag at home, so that’s the only reason I’m not carrying it.”

The police officer then lets him know that his passport cannot take the place of a license, to which Jones says he was also unaware of.

The police officer let Jon off the hook but was sure to deliver a message. “I mean going 75 is pretty much wreckless driving dude,” said the officer. “So, you’re getting a huge break dude… Get a license to drive if you’re going to drive alright? And just drive normal ok? I mean yeah, you got a cool car but there’s no need to go drive crazy and kill somebody or kill yourself. It ain’t worth it dude.”

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