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GLORY 6: Daniel Ghita vs. Gokhan Saki Live Results | MMA News

Welcome to BJPENN.com’s coverage of GLORY 6: Istanbul! The card is completed and below you can check out the results, as well as summaries of each fight.

Dong Su Kim vs. Naoki Yasuda
Dong Su Kim defeated Naoki Yasuda by way of unanimous decision.
– This was a bit of a slow fight with not much action. It was clear from the middle of the second round that we were going to decision.

Max Baumert vs. Ismail Uzuner
Max Baumert defeated Ismail Uzuner by way of knockout (headkick) 2:26 into Round 1
– This fight was dynamite from the get-go. They exchanged a lot of leg kicks and punches. With all the checked leg kicks, there were some suspect slips but the referee was understanding and stood them both back up without counts. Baumert was doing a very good job at working the body. He threw a hook at the body which connected, Uzuner blocked low and Baumert went high. Baumert connected with a head kick and that’s all she wrote; knockout victory for the underdog.

Joseph Valtelini vs. Murat Direkci
Joseph Valtelini defeated Murat Direkci after Direkci’s corner threw in the towel :27 into Round 3
– Exciting first round from these two. Valtelini got knocked around a little bit and his knees bent multiple times, but he was able to catch his composure and not get knocked down. Direkci on the other hand, fell flat on his butt late in the first round after getting kicked in the skull. He was up on his feet before the eight count, but it gave Valtelini the first round. The second round had a bit of a slower pace to it. Direkci got knocked down twice, but it seemed he only got knocked down because he was so exhausted. Valtelini displayed good striking skills and he knocked Direkci loopy with a couple uppercuts early on. Walking into the third, it was clear Direkci needed a knockout to win. They didn’t even make it a minute into the first round, however, as Direkci’s corner threw in the towel. Game over, man.

Alessandro Campanga vs. Andy Ristie
Andy Ristie defeated Alessandro Campanga by way of decision. (145-140)
– First round didn’t see many hard hits or any knockdowns, however it was fun to watch. Campanga is doing a great job at landing the one-two combinations and Ristie was visually getting frustrated by it. Ristie wasn’t landing any of his knees; he was looking to close the distance often so he could but he kept getting popped. Campanga’s pace slowed down a bit in the second. Ristie was still active but he kept trying to hit the same explosive shots and he didn’t succeed, which resulted in him gassing a bit. At the end of the round both fighters’ mouths were wide open. At the start of the third round, Campanga was still visually tired but Ristie seemed to get a second wind. Once again, he put a lot of effort into his shots and while some connected, none of them knocked his opponent down. Campagna fading towards the end of the fight led to his downfall, but Ristie really needs to watch his wild shots because they will make him susceptible for counter shots once he moves to elite competition.

Karim Ghajji vs. Nieky Holzken
Nieky Holzken defeated Karim Ghajji by way of TKO (Doctor Stoppage, Cut) 2:09 into Round 4
– Did not get to catch too much of this fight because my feed kept cutting out for some odd reason. The third round saw a brutal knockdown. Ghajji and Holzken were exchanging straight shots late in the third and Ghajji ate a straight right that sent his bum to the canvas. He was up by six, but the damage was done it seemed. He ate a couple more shots before the bell sounded and the third round was over. The fight was ruled a draw at the end of three rounds, so they went to a fourth. Ghajji started the fourth off well, but Holzken picked his shots and started gaining momentum. He hit a knee which resulted in a big cut that paused and ultimately ended the fight. Doctor stoppage.

Marc De Bonte vs. L’houcine Ouzgni
Marc De Bonte defeated L’houcine Ouzgni by way of KO (knee) 1:17 into Round 1
– De Bonte opened agressive with a double left hook to the body and a hook to the head. Ouzgni was stalking and looked like he was planning something, but he had no time to execute it. De Bonte knocked out Ouzgni with a left knee in the very first round. Big upset and an impressive performance from Marc De Bonte.

Filip Verlinden vs. Lucian Danilencu
Filip Verlinden defeated Lucian Danilencu by way of decision (150-135)
– This fight had a bit of a slow pace to it. Verlinden did a good job at picking apart Danilencu. He could have done some serious damage if he threw more combinations, but he seemed content with throwing single shots. Verlinden was very strategic and displayed good stamina. No knockdowns.

Fabiano Cyclone vs. Mourad Bouzidi
Mourad Bouzidi defeated Fabiano Cyclone after Cyclone’s corner threw in the towel 2:03 into Round 2
– Bouzidi did a great job in the first round listening to his corner. Every time they would shout out a combo to throw, he would execute it. Cyclone got caught eating a lot of hooks and it looked as if he was going to get knocked down, but a clinch with Bouzidi kept him on his feet. The second round was a different story, though. Bouzidi showed no mercy and threw powerful shot after powerful shot. Bouzidi knocked down Cyclone with a couple leg kicks and the corner eventually threw in the towel. The corners played a big part in this fight. Bouzidi’s instructed him exactly what to do, and Cyclone’s saved their fighter from a broken leg.

(MAIN EVENT) Daniel Ghita vs. Gokhan Saki
Gokhan Saki defeated Daniel Ghita by way of TKO (Punches) 2:22 into Round 2.
– Busy first round. Saki threw more shots and connected with more, but Ghita countered and threw some powerful shots of his town. Very hard first round to judge. Ghita is really fighting like a machine; he keeps moving forward and corners Saki often. He doesn’t do anything with it, though. He’s content with throwing counter shots. Saki landed a full-on hook and threw a series of punches that led to a knockdown! Ghita made it back to his feet only to get knocked down seconds later. Ghita got up by nine, but it should have been stopped there. Back on his feet, wobbly, Ghita ate punch after punch while being held up with the ropes. Saki’s combinations are ridiculous and violent. The referee peeled Saki off his opponent and the fight is over. Saki vs. Schilt next? I think so.

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