Gilbert Melendez on Conor McGregor: ‘He fights like the smaller man’

UFC 196

Nate Diaz and Gilbert Melendez have been close training partners for a long time with Cesar Gracie.

Melendez knows Diaz all too well and says that if McGregor gets his rematch with Nate, the result will be the same as their first match.

“I don’t see it going any differently. I see Conor, if he does fight him again, he fights like the smaller man. He’ll try to stick and move and try to kick out Nate’s front leg and try to take his shots. Ultimately, Nate will stand strong, he’ll eventually walk him down, he’ll start landing the 1-2 and we’ll see the same finish,” Melendez told FOX Sports.

“Maybe a little bit later because Conor’s going to use his footwork to dance around and maybe not try to stand in the pocket as much.”

Melendez sees the exact same outcome, perhaps just a little later in the fight this time.

“Ultimately, we’ll see the same conclusion where Nate’s reach is a problem and he’s standing toe-to-toe and he’s boxing him up and (Conor) is dead tired and takes an ugly shot and falls into a submission,” Melendez said.

“Yes, I see the same thing happening, maybe later in the round.”

Video | Nate Diaz
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