Luke Rockhold predicts Georges St-Pierre will duck contenders if champion

Luke Rockhold

This year, it was announced that former UFC welterweight kingpin Georges St-Pierre would be returning to the Octagon on a new multi-fight contract with the UFC which will see him return to the Octagon against middleweight champion Michael Bisping later this year.

With Georges St-Pierre now set to return to the Octagon, many are wondering what a potential GSP victory over Michael Bisping means for the former welterweight champion.

Georges St-Pierre interview

Former UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold spoke to Submission Radio to discuss the situation, and GSP’s potential opponents, saying:

“Unfortunate that they took the route they took,” Rockhold said. “I understand the business and I understand what they’re doing but I don’t think they’re really thinking ahead in making this fight. I think there’s a lot of better options other than tying up the division and making this thing happen. I don’t think Bisping’s a draw. He hasn’t proven to be a draw, so what’s the point of putting GSP in there with him, a man that’s never obviously fought at middleweight and has been out for three years? I think him (GSP) and Nick Diaz, I think him Anderson Silva, I think there’s a lot of other fights that make the money they need and then sells that without doing what they had to do.”

In regards to his UFC 199 fight with Michael Bisping, where he lost the middleweight title as he dropped a 1st round KO to ‘The Count’ on short notice, Rockhold said:

“It’s a tough pill to swallow,” Rockhold said. “I don’t know what to say right now. I’m not here to dance around, I’m not here to fight chumps and just do my thing. I’m coming right back for the title. And seeing this play out the way it has, it’s quite frustrating, I’m not gonna lie. So I’m taking my time.”

Luke Rockhold

This article first appeared on on 3/9/2017.

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