Georges St-Pierre says Khabib Nurmagomedov is the GOAT: “He had a perfect career, he’s on the top”

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Georges St-Pierre believes Khabib Nurmagomedov is the MMA GOAT.

When Nurmagomedov ended his career at 29-0 as the lightweight champ, many wondered where he would rank on the GOAT list. He retired undefeated and on top but he only had three title defenses, so some think he shouldn’t belong at the top. Yet, for Georges St-Pierre – who many consider the GOAT – he believes Nurmagomedov has earned that top spot due to the fact he retired undefeated and went out on top.

“He had a perfect career, perfect, he’s on the top. The way I see it when you say greatest of all time you have to wait until their career is over,” St-Pierre said to MMANews about Nurmagomedov. “It’s sad to say but a lot of fighters I feel tend to (tarnish) their legacy a little bit because they hang there too long. For me, the greatest of all time is someone who left behind a great legacy. If you stay too long past your prime in a sport like basketball it’s not too bad. In a sport like full-contact fighting, boxing, MMA, or kickboxing you get punched in the head, it’s very dramatic, and the outcome of a loss is much more serious than it is in another sport.

George St-Pierre
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“We say we play basketball, we play hockey, we play football, but you don’t play fighting,” St-Pierre continued. “Therefore, that is why I’m telling the younger generation, make your money, fight when you are on the top of the food chain when you are at best and your prime, and then exit. Leave it.”

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As Georges St-Pierre says, Khabib Nurmagomedov did exactly that as he left the sport on top as the champion. Not many people can leave on top let alone undefeated which is why the Canadian thinks Nurmagomedov is the GOAT right now.

Do you agree with Georges St-Pierre that Khabib Nurmagomedov is the GOAT?

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