Chael Sonnen: Georges St-Pierre just has to sign the contract

Georges St-PIerre

Earlier this year, many fans thought former welterweight kingpin Georges St-Pierre would be returning to the Octagon to fight middleweight champion Michael Bisping after reports surfaced that St-Pierre’s camp reached out to Bisping’s camp for a fight. Despite that, St-Pierre never returned to the UFC, and reports of his return died down briefly.

Now, on the heels of Tyron Woodley winning the UFC welterweight championship and calling out GSP, Chael Sonnen points out an important detail in regards to what has to be done for the fight to be made official. He spoke on his “Beyond the Fight” podcast:

“If he wants [the fight with Woodley] then sign [the contract]. It’s as simple as that. Now, don’t forget, George isn’t a guy who NEEDS a contract with the UFC — he has one. He walked away from it. All that means is it’s already in place! He doesn’t need to sit down and negotiate and do all these different things. He can just sign the contract.”

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