UFC Glasgow results | Galore Bofando KOs Charlie Ward with a throw (it’s as crazy as it sounds)

Galore Bofando

On Sunday night (Sunday afternoon in North America) the UFC returned to beautiful Glasgow, Scotland with UFC Fight Night 113. In the second bout of the televised prelims, in a welterweight bout between the debuting Galore Bofando and Ireland’s Charlie Ward, we witnessed a bizarre but truly impressive stoppage.

The stoppage occurred in the first round. After struggling to get a read on Bofando’s unpredictable kicks, Ward initiated a tie-up. Though he appeared to be the stronger man in this position, Bofando then whipped him to the ground with a throw, causing the Irishman’s head to rattle of the canvas. The impact was so severe that it knocked Ward out cold. Bofando’s volley of follow-up punches only served to seal the deal.

See the video of this jaw-dropping finish below:

See it from another angle here, followed by Bonfando’s acrobatic post-fight celebration.

With this outcome, Galore Bofando bursts into mainstream consciousness. We’ll be talking about him for days. He’s now 5-2 overall, and stands out as a definite face to watch in the stacked UFC welterweight division.

This article first appeared on BJPenn.com on 7/16/2017.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM